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Exposing Casey

The novel Exposing Casey is a 2 novella collection:  Watching Casey Casey Andrews loves sex… but she wants to be loved as well. Of course, being blessed (or cursed?) with abody that renders men speechless isn’t exactly conducive to post-coital cuddling, much less the possibility of commitment to anything except… more sex. Then Shawn Tranner comes into …

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Sexy Beast IV: Abundance

Kayla Michaels, daughter of General Augusta Michaels, is bound for an arranged marriage on Fourth Colony when the ship carrying her is attacked and her stasis pod is ejected during the melee.She awakens on a small jungle moon aptly called Abundance. It is uncolonized and had been deemed uninhabitable by New Earth long before she …

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Barenaked Jane

Jane Tilwell has a take-charge approach to life. That means dealing head-on with Mathias Montgomery, security expert and future brother-in-law to her boss at the art gallery. Surprising him during the middle of a planned “break-in,” she can’t deny the excitement she feels as he pins her to the floor. He’s all alpha-male: arrogant, sexy, …

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Undressing Mercy

As director of a Boston art gallery, Mercy Rothell has made some hot deals in her time, but none like this. In order to sign the impossibly sexy, brilliant, and successful artist Shamus Montgomery to do a show of his celebrated erotic sculptures, Mercy must meet his curious but absolutely non-negotiable demand – she must …

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Second Chances

Julia Dennis has spent her life bouncing around with no home of her own. When luck and fate gives her the opportunity to buy the home she’d stayed in as a foster child, she jumps on it Enchanted with the historical home, and the ghost she finds there, Julia starts down a path that will …

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The Kissing Game

Stephanie Manning took a job at her Grandfather’s summer camp for comfort and security. Once there she meets a man named Jason Wells. Jason, a sexy ex-military man, offers her a challenge and a game that she could not resist. The game she agrees to play with him will teach her about herself, about desire, …

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