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  1. Renee

    Hi Deanna!

    I’ve just finished Sweet Surrender and totally loved it. Connor and Lauren are my favorite Holman couple, right next to James and Lisa. Do you plan to write a book for Dare? He’s as hot as Connor!

    Take care.

  2. joy

    I love your work. You have such an awsome gift. I hope to see more of your work. I have tried to get on your e-mail list befor with know luck, so hopefully this time it will work. Keep up the good work. I reread your books often. Thank you for your time.

    1. joy

      I love your books. They have it all!! So when are you going to bring out more of your awesome story’s?? Do you plan more for the Holman group? Just to much fun!!!

  3. Anna

    I am hoping for a book on Dare too!

  4. Tamiya

    Hi… I read your short story from the Erotic Nights book. A Rainy Night. I loved it sooooo much….I was wondering were you going to finish the story? I really want to know what’s going to happen with them and how it’s going to play out in the end.

  5. karen mcbroom

    Where can I find the second part to Close Encounter, your space adventure? I just finished the book and now I’m just left hanging. I’ve been on a hunt for a long time trying to find your books. I think I’ve found most of them.

    Please let me know what happens next.

    Thank you,
    Karen McBroom

    1. deannalee

      The sequel is almost finished actually. I hope to see it published in the next few months.

  6. courtney

    are you going to finish the book A Rainy Night you started in Erotic Nights?

    1. deannalee

      Yes, I have plans to but I’m pretty busy at the moment. Maybe by Halloween 2014?

  7. joy

    You have such a gift of story telling. I reread all of your books. It’s a sure sign when a story stays with you long after the last page. Do you plan more for the Holman stories? They are so great!!! Thank you for your time.

    1. deannalee

      I’d love to write Dare’s book and one for Ryan Brooks.

  8. Angela

    Kyra Moray books are not listed here. are there any others in series, or just 1&2 ???

    1. deannalee

      I have the first two books in rewrites. I’d like to see the first one republished next year.


    Please, please, please say when the rewrite for the Kyra Moray books along with new ones are going to be out. I absolutely LOVE Alex and Kyra together, would love to see Marcus and Glory get together and the fact that these great relationships are contained in intriguing mysteries is to die for. I have reread them along with your other books so many times. They are my favorites.

    1. deannalee

      I’ve almost finished the rewrite on the first one — it’s the same basic story (same bad guy) but I’ve deepened the world building and I think it’s a much better novel!

  10. Natalie

    I was just wandering if you have a release date for On A Dare really looking forward to it.

    1. deannalee

      No, I’m still writing it. But thank you for taking the time to ask. I really appreciate it!

  11. Natalie

    How much longer for On A Dare hanging out for it???

    1. deannalee

      I’m still writing. I have arthritis in my hands so it’s slow going these days.

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