Exposing Casey

The novel Exposing Casey is a 2 novella collection: 

Watching Casey
Casey Andrews loves sex… but she wants to be loved as well. Of course, being blessed (or cursed?) with abody that renders men speechless isn’t exactly conducive to post-coital cuddling, much less the possibility of commitment to anything except… more sex. Then Shawn Tranner comes into her life at the moment when she needed someone most. The perfect gentlemen and the perfect lover, Shawn could be the man of Casey’s dreams. But with someone bent on turning her dreams into nightmares, trusting the wrong person could be the last thing Casey ever does…

Seducing Lisa

Lisa Millhouse has run from James Brooks for more years than she can remember. He’s everything she thinks she doesn’t want…. filthy rich. When he sets out to prove to her that he’s everything she needs… she’ll find herself in the middle of a seduction so consuming that nothing but his touch will matter.

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