Undressing Mercy

As director of a Boston art gallery, Mercy Rothell has made some hot deals in her time, but none like this. In order to sign the impossibly sexy, brilliant, and successful artist Shamus Montgomery to do a show of his celebrated erotic sculptures, Mercy must meet his curious but absolutely non-negotiable demand – she must pose for him in the nude, day after day, or he walks. Never one to back down from a challenge, Mercy agrees. Burning under the intense gaze of the hottest man she’s ever known, watching his hands work their magic, Mercy feels vulnerable yet liberated and fully aroused, desperate for the kind of satisfaction only a master like Shamus can give. In fact, she would beg him to cross the line. And once he does, mercy is the last thing she desires…


    • Nivea Nadae on July 6, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    I am not one to read this genre of books when I first saw this the cover attracted me and the name fooled me. The book was great smart witty powerful and thought provoking. I found myself laughing with the characters and was enlightened by the twists turns and mystery each character holds.

    This novel was for about giving a woman back her sexual power after having it brutally taken from her. I love Shamus and Jane and Lisa is a hoot. I saw that this is part of a three part series and I am on the hunt for the other two pieces. Ms Lee accomplished what some authors don’t she made me a fan of a genre I loathed bravo bravo I look forward to reading more from her

    1. Thank you!

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