Writer Habits

When I can’t write, I read through all of my WIPs one by one to try to find inspiration. I have projects that are easily fifteen years old. I read them, too. I can’t help myself — it’s this weird writing quirk I’ve had since I started writing. I used to have to do it on notebooks. Now, I have a whole folder on my Kindled dedicated to this activity. Sometimes it motivates me and sometimes, it doesn’t.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep so I read through the stuff I wrote in my 20s. LOL. I can’t say that was a great idea to be honest but it was interesting to see how far I’d come as a writer. On the other side of it, it reminded me of a conversation I had with Anna Leigh Keaton about being a writer and being an author. When I was just a writer, I wrote for myself but as a published author I often get distracted by marketability. I have an idea and immediately afterward I think — is that something I could sell? If it isn’t, I often set aside for something I think might earn me a contract. I don’t regret being published because it’s honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me but sometimes I miss just being a writer.