Blogging is Frustrating

I never know what to say or what to talk about. I’d rather not talk about my work until I’m ready to publish it which is a quirk of mine and probably a pretty frustrating one. So, since I can’t/won’t/don’t talk about my work I’m left with things that would probably piss people off — so religion, politics, and stupid tv shows on A&E are certainly off the subject list.

I guess I could talk about my Football Widow status but do you really want to hear about my husband’s football-induced ranting? I can’t tell if he wants Green Bay to win or lose honestly — because he’s yelling at them just as much as the other guys. I’ve told him more than once that not a single one of those millionaires actually care what he thinks and that despite how big his TV is that they can’t hear him anyways.

I have a new site design to which I can thankĀ Fiona Jayde for. It’s the most beautiful my site has ever been. Her work is always top-notch whether she’s doing site design or cover art. It was very easy to put my site in her hands because I knew she’d totally deliver.

I participated in National Novel Writing Month last year and won so that was cool. I don’t know what to do with the project as it’s not even a romance but more a big long self-indulgent YA fantasy piece. Writing every day was, of course, a big challenge for me and often I ended up doing the bulk of my writing on Saturdays, still I crossed off 51k by the end of the month though the piece itself wasn’t finished at that point.

Cobblestone is doing well and I’m super excited to be branching out into audio books this year.

I can’t think of anything else to talk about except perhaps the weather. It’s stupidly cold here and we’re expecting about an inch of snow. I have no plans to leave my house if it snows and not because I don’t think I could handle the driving. I’m pretty sure I could — I just don’t know about everyone else.


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