Barenaked Jane


Jane Tilwell has a take-charge approach to life. That means dealing head-on with Mathias Montgomery, security expert and future brother-in-law to her boss at the art gallery. Surprising him during the middle of a planned “break-in,” she can’t deny the excitement she feels as he pins her to the floor. He’s all alpha-male: arrogant, sexy, and rock-hard solid—in oh so many ways. And when he turns up at her apartment and invites himself in for a weekend of non-stop sex, Jane knows she’s found her match. The heat of his body arouses her and his kisses leave her aching for more. Who is this incredibly sensual man? Why does he know her body so intimately? How can he bring her such seductive pleasure? To answer each and every question, Jane lays herself bare—ready, naked, and willing…

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